Economic Justice

Our local economy is a critical issue to Lena, who lives in the same neighborhood she grew up in. Despite Milwaukee being the home to more fortune 500 companies than any other city in Wisconsin, Under Governor Scott Walker’s “leadership,” Milwaukee’s economy lags the rest of Wisconsin. A high incarceration rate, low educational outcomes, a lack of job training and economic development all contribute to a tragic cycle of poverty. That is why Lena fights so hard for public education, job training funding and economic incentives to grow jobs in Milwaukee like funding the Milwaukee Bucks arena. She is also the lead author of the “Ban the Box” bill, which would prevent employers from refusing to interview job applicants with a felony record. Unfortunately, under Governor Walker’s watch, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation failed to help create the number of jobs Walker originally promised. That’s why Lena applauded when Republicans fired Governor Walker from the ¬†WEDC Board of Directors.¬†